The Sith are the children of the Dark Side, with pure rage and hatred as their traits and full-fledged aggression as their essence. To the good and orderly Jedi, who have a long code full of strict protocols, the Dark Jedi seem to be unbound by code or rule, free to do as they wish...doing whatever it takes to fulfill their dark desires for themselves or for their Masters. The Dark Jedi derive their power from Fear, Anger, and Hate, tapping into the dark pool of pure Sith mystics. These are what power the Dark Jedi. Yet, the Dark Jedi, indeed do have a code of their own. Here, uncovered for the first time in history, it is.

There is no peace, there is anger.

There is no fear, there is power.

There is no death, there is immortality.

There is no weakness, there is the Dark Side.

I am the Heart of Darkness.

I know no fear,

But rather I instill it in my enemies.

I am the destoyer of worlds.

I know the power of the Dark Side.

I am the fire of hate.

All the Universe bows before me.

I pledge myself to the Darkness.

For I have found true life,

In the death of the light.

Memorize it and recite it everyday. So says the ancient Sith writings. Only then, will one become true Sith, for each verse has a unique meaning. This is a code used only by the strongest of the Sith. Never through the Force, can a Jedi kill a Sith. Only through sheer startlement or surprise can one be killed; and the Sith are masters at this, since they have killed each other. For an unknown amount of millennia, have the Jedi been the guardians of peace and justice, until the reign of the great Dark Lord, Darth Sidious, or Emperor Palpatine. His plans proved as wise decisions. Along with his Apprentice, Darth Vader, the Emperor began the Great Jedi Purge, exterminating all the Jedi. With the death of the order of good Jedi, those who wished to challenge the Dark Side of the Force had no chance to win, since no good reinforcements could be provided; no good combatant will arise to challenge the Sith. May the Dark Side rule forever.