W R A T H   O F   T H E   E M P I R E 

     There are those who believe that the infamous murder of our benevolent Emperor
would somehow bring the Empire to a rapid demise, nothing could be
further from the truth. Beyond the vast territories, the impressive
warships, the legions, the awe inspiring technology, the Empire is
an ideal, it is indestructible, it is eternal. Even if every last
planet were lost to the rebellion, every last warship smashed, every
soldier slain, the Empire would continue in the hearts and minds of
its loyal human citizens. Like an ancient Sith demon, it will rise
up out of the ashes to consume its enemies and once again, extend its
dominion across the universe. Far from its intent, the death of
Palpatine has only strengthened our resolve. Let the word go forth
to every hiding place, every secret meeting, wherever the enemies of
the Empire gather, we shall suffer their existence no more.