The Following is a list of various Corporations that have operated with the Empire
At a later date, it may be expanded to include information about each.


Corellian Engineering Corporation     Cygnus Spaceworks     FreiTek, Inc     Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc     Koensayer     Kuat Drive Yards [KDY]     Kuat Systems Engineering    
Loronar Corporation    MandalMotors    Rendili StarDrive    Sienar Fleet Systems   SoroSuub

Designers & Manufacturers

Aida Sensor Systems   Allegra Enterprise Systems   Arakyd Industries   Aratech Repulsor Company   Bengal Shipbuilders   Bespin Motors   BTS Enterprises  
Byblos Drive Yards   CompForce   Evakmar/ KDY   Extent Systems   Galarne/Ferges Industries   Gallofree Yards   Geaatech   Golan Construction Corp.  
GrayMar Engineering Corp.   Ikas-Ando   JenAni Systems, Inc   Joraan Drive Systems   Kiara Cargo Corporation   Kost & Ko Factories   Leonore Luxury Liners  
Messens Corp.   Mobquet Swoops and Speeders   Muurain Interstellar   Nicholas/ Gordon Spaceworks   Nubian Aerospace Conglomerate   Olanjii/ Charabah   Patel Ironworks  
Phylon Freight   RSS   Sedri Motors   Starypan/ SunHui Spaceworks   Subpro   TaggeCo   Tagge Industries Shipyards Ltd.   Tapani Starship Cooperative  
Tenloss Syndicate   Trade Federation   TransGalMeg Industries   Trianii Soaceworks   Trilon, Inc   Ubrikkon   Uulshos Manufacturing   VenteX Construction Yards  
Virella Systems   Wandrau Arms Corp.   Xizor Transport Systems   Zenid Defense   zZip Defense Concepts  


Bacrana Shipyards   Bilbringi Shipyards   Black-15 Shipyards   Chardaan Shipyards   Corellian Shipyards   Coryn Shipyards  
Damorian Repair Yards   Elrood StarYards, Ltd   Fondor Shipyards, Hossk Station   Ganrite Yards of Elrood   Jaemus Shipyards  
Kuat Drive Yards   Rendili/ Vaufthau Shipyards, Ltd   Tagge Industries Shipyards, Ltd   Tallaan Imperial Shipyards   Thomork Shipyards