The Tarkin Doctrine

...Rule by fear of force, rather than through force itself...

The Tarkin Doctrine, originally designated Imperial Communiqué #001044.92v, was drafted by Grand Moff Tarkin as a direct message to the Emperor regarding methods for increasing the security of the Empire. Since its inception, the Tarkin Doctrine has become a cornerstone of Imperial policy. Below are the measures set forth by the Tarkin Doctrine:

Establish "Oversectors" to monitor and react to rebellious activities within tumultuous systems. Oversectors receive more forces than other regions of the Empire, and this Imperial presence is designed to stop small rebel fractions before they become a larger threat.


Assign command of each Oversector to a single individual who reports directly to the Emperor.


Improve communication resources and Imperial response time by placing modified HoloNet transceivers aboard each flagship of every Sector Group within an Oversector command. Similar Facilities have also been established aboard the Emperor's flagship and in Imperial City on Imperial Center (formerly Coruscant).


Control unruly portions of the Galaxy through a fear of force, rather than actual force itself. Possible the most integral aspect of the Tarkin Doctrine, this measure encourages the Empire to display its power and weaponry through potent symbols such as the Star Destroyer.


Continue to Research and develop new and more powerful starships and weapons designed to inspire fear in resistant systems.

The late Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin had a noticeable career with the Imperial Navy before proposing the famous "Rule by Fear" doctrine to Emperor Palpatine. Early in his career, Tarkin was the Lieutenant Governor of the planet Eriadu before becoming a Commander in the Republic Outland Regions Security Force. There Tarkin gained considerable status in the eyes of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. He rise to power within the Imperial military and was eventually promoted from Captain to Moff for taking the initiative and commanding the mission that should "literally" crush the uprising on Ghorman. It was during this time that he noticed the talents of Daala on Carida, and brought her along with him when he became Grand Moff of the Outer Rim Territories. The two became intimate confidantes, sharing their dreams for rulership.

Tarkin's innate devotion and loyalty was evident in his establishment of the Maw Installation, a secret laboratory dedicated to the creation of the superweapons which would make governing the Empire easier. When the Empire tried to Imperialize the Mon Calamari, Tarkin took centerstage in the confrontations with Calamarian Rebel Forces. Tarkin's major contribution to the Emperor's cause was the Death Star, which he used to rule the Outer Rim for a brief period. Palpatine assigned Tarkin to the Death Star, hoping to quell the various rebellions that occurred in the Outer Rim at that time.

Tarkin's personal ambitions and self-confidence got the best of him, though, during the Battle of Yavin. Tarkin refused to evacuate the Death Star, even with the knowledge that the Alliance had found a flaw to exploit. He gave all onboard personnel the choice of fighting to the bitter end against the Rebels, or fleeing the station without a fight. Tarkin was killed when the Death Star was destroyed even as he gave the command to fire on the Massassi base.