Imperial Intelligence Agency

Imperial Intelligence

"Imperial Intelligence is the military counterpart of the civilian controlled Imperial Security Bureau, which was use during the days of Palpatine.
It consists of five distinct divisions; the Ubiqtorate, the Internal Organization Bureau, the Analysis Bureau, the Bureau of Operations, and the
Intelligence Bureau. During the time of the New Republic, this was one of the best trained and professional portions of the Empire...."


The most covert division of The Galactic Empire, it may be loosely compared to the Imperial Security Bureau, as it is one of two divisions which strive to protect the integrity of the Empire. While the ISB takes overt action to neutralise internal threats, Intelligence takes covert action to neutralise external threats.

During the time of the self proclaimed "New Republic", this was one of the best-trained and professional portions of the Empire to survive the Battle of Endor and its consequences. It gladly gave its full support to Grand Admiral Thrawn's war effort, and continues to do so even now.


Imperial Intelligence, or 'II', consists of several distinct branches:

Intelligence Directorate:

Sector Plexus

Internal Organizations Bureau

Analysis Bureau

Bureau of Operations

Intelligence Bureau