I M P E R I A L     H I S T O R Y

It is impossible to discuss the history of the Empire in static terms from a generic sense. Over the course of its rule, the Empire touched the lives of trillions of beings and thousands upon thousands of worlds, spanning almost the entire Known Galaxy. The Imperial Survey Corps was turning up a new inhabited world every 207 minutes. That means during the course of its existence, the Empire touched at least 127,000 NEW inhabited worlds, each of whom brought in new cultures and customs. The scope of the Empire was almost without parallel. Naturally, this meant the history of the Empire is a phenomenally difficult thing to document because it was so many things in so many places.
This section will attempt to break the Empire's History down into several unique and distinct sections for ease of understanding, and will try to make as consistent and concise a presentation as the Galactic events have allowed.