Imperial Intelligence Agency

Imperial Intelligence Agency
Imperial Intelligence is one of the few New Order organizations which has remained largely unchanged since the days of the Old Republic. There were four organizations which gathered and analyzed intelligence for the Senate and other agencies of the Old Republic -- the Republican Security Organization, the Senate Bureau of Intelligence, the Interstellar Consortium on Technology, and the euphemistically labeled Special Acquisitions Branch of the Library of the Republic.

As the Old Republic began to rot from within, the directors of the four agencies discovered that they were routinely being used by unscrupulous Senators who bribed lower level functionaries within the agencies to pass along misinformation through agency channels, in order to influence important intelligence reports which were presented in the Senate. The Senators' greed caught up with them; they often were too cheap to bribe operatives of all four agencies, relying on the innate distrust of the intelligence agencies toward each other to prevent them from comparing scandocs.

A number of directors met during the last days of the struggle for the Senate. The negotiations were unprecedented in their openness and willingness to compromise personal power in order to maintain an effective intelligence organization for the government. But which government? The directors felt the Republic to be unsalvageable. In their opinion, the rot had gone too far, and there were too many constituent worlds to install an effective new government based on elected representation. A strong central government was needed -- exactly the sort of government which Palpatine and his New Order promised.

Next they agreed to quietly and unofficially merge their four organizations. Information would be shared and compared among the branches of the organizations in order to decrease the odds that the information was "contaminated." To oversee this process and the new intelligence organization, the Ubiqtorate was created. This was a governing body for all parts of the organization.

Once Palpatine was in power and the Empire was formed, the Ubiqtorate could operate with the Emperor's blessing, and the pretense of four distinct organizations was discarded. Imperial Intelligence was born.

There are indications that the efficiency, professionalism, and speed with which Imperial Intelligence was reorganized frightened some of the Emperor's advisors, quite a few of whom had used the Republican versions as they wished. Imperial Intelligence believes the flawless transition and expansion of capabilities are the reasons the advisors -- through Crueya Vandron -- created COMPNOR and the ISB.

The Ubiqtorate considers COMPNOR (especially the ISB) to be, at best, a misuse of valuable resources. At worst, COMPNOR is a case of arming and authorizing talented but untested amateurs to defend the Empire, the entire basis of their strategies and tactics being a few holos of political aphorisms on the New Order. Imperial Intelligence has cautiously presented evidence to the Moffs and Grand Moffs to whom they report, as well as the Emperor himself, that COMPNOR has often incited as much rebellion as it has been able to squelch. The Grand Moffs are the only ones who give this information a positive reception, and even then it is mild. Imperial Intelligence is therefore resolutely determined to do the whole job themselves, even if it means cleaning up "the muck left behind by COMPNOR."

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