M I L I T A R Y     L A W S

Since the Military environment and duties are unique and military personnel serve throughout the Galaxy, a special system of laws and courts are required to help maintain good order and discipline. The Imperial Code of Military Justice (ICMJ) is the system of criminal justice that helps protect your rights as an Imperial Officer and citizen while in the Imperial Military. The ICMJ and the rules and regulations used to administer it not only contain laws you must obey, but also provide procedures for courts-martial and non-judicial punishments. Of course, the fact that you are required to obey Military Laws does not excuse you from your duty as a citizen to comply with the civil laws of the Empire.

Imperial Review Boards
The Imperial Military is based on the creed of the Navy "Distinction and Honor." Without its honor, the Imperial Military is nothing more than a pack of wild garrals roaming the galaxy, hunting for its next victim, which may or may not be its own kind. To maintain order, discipline and morale, the Military has a very highly detailed military legal system and code of laws that it must live by in addition to the Imperial code of conduct. This system in general is referred to as the "Imperial Code of Military Justice."

Below you will find the courts martial proceedings, called Review Boards by the Empire, outlined and explained. While the laws are contained in another file, they are far too long to be contained herein, but will be maintained on a website.

Court Proceedings