Historical Points of Interest


Galactic History 1 - 5:The Architects, Ancient Civilizations, Batallions of Zhell, King Adas, Rise of the Infinite Empire Galactic History 6 - 10:The Infinite Empire Collapses, The First Spaceflights, Hyperspace Cannons, The Force Wars, The Tion Cluster Galactic History 11 - 15:Tionese vs the Hutt Empire, Birth of the Republic, The First Great Schism, Fall of Tion, Mandalore Galactic History 16 - 20:Alsakan Conflicts, Duinuogwuin Contention, Hutt Cataclysms, Pius Dea Crusades, Chancellor Blotus Galactic History 21 - 25:Birth of the Mandalorians, Second Great Schism, Beginnings of the Sith Order, Empress Teta, Two Rivals Galactic History 26 - 30:Naga Sadow's Deceptions, The Great Hyperspace War, Battle at Primus Goluud, Sadow's Escape, Rise of the Sith Emperor Galactic History 31 - 35:The Ritual of Nathema, Long Exile, Dromund Kaas, The Discovery of Ryll, The Gank Massacres Galactic History 36 - 40:The Quarren-Mon Calamari War, Freedon Nadd, The Tyrant of Onderon, The Third Great Schism, Czerka Discovers Kashyyyk Galactic History 41 - 45:The Droid Rights Movement, The Nevoota Extinction, The Great Droid Revolution, The Jedi Nomi, The Krath Cult Galactic History 46 - 50:Nadd's Legacy, Naddiist Rebels, The Audiences on Onderon, Exar Kun, Basilisk Galactic History 51 - 55:The Krath Cult Strikes, Exar Kun Faces Korriban, Conclave at Deneba, Ulic's Fall, The Ascension of Exar Kun Galactic History 56 - 60:Brotherhood of the Sith, The Brotherhood's Power Grows, Ulic's Trials, Aleema's Fate, The Destruction of Ossus Galactic History 61 - 65:The Brotherhood is Broken, The Great Sith War Ends, The Terentatek Hunt, the Kanz Disorders, An Exile on Rhen Var Galactic History 66 - 70:The Jedi Covenant, Mandalore the Ultimate, The Mandalorians Return, The Mandalorian Wars, The Covenant Acts Galactic History 71 - 75:Muur Talisman, Fall of the Covenant, The Battle of Malachor V, Revan & Malak Fall, The Jedu Civil War Galactic History 76 - 80:Revan Remade, Return to the Unknown Regions, Sith Triumvirate, Conclave at Katarr, A Return from Exile Galactic History 81 - 85:The Battle of Telos IV, Darth Traya's Return, The Republic Rebuilds, The GO-TO Coup, Purge of the Dark Council Galactic History 86 - 87:The Empire's Revenge, A Wayward Apprentice