Galactic Empire

Information Databank

.::Access to L7 DB Granted::.

From here, you have access to all the currently available Imperial information for your clearance level:
You can access information, schematics and other diagrams of starfighters, support craft, capital ships, space stations and vehicles that are in service with the Galactic Empire. Also you will be able to access information on Imperial Stormtroopers and other troops that help maintain peace and order throughout the Galaxy. Weapons and equipment information is accessible here and other information on or about the Empire will be made available to you as well.

Note that this is intended to be a Complete reference to all Empire/ Dark Side/ Imperial Related Information, so not all of the information provided here will necessarily be canon, or for that matter, official.

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General Imperial Data:

The Tarkin Doctrine
Imperial Ranks
Imperial History
Summarised Old Republic-era history
Imperial Government
Imperial Military
Imperial Military Law
Imperial Ministries
Corporations, Designers, Manufacturers, & Shipyards

State of the Empire

Current Leadership
Imperial Timeline
Imperial System of Government
Imperial Hierarchy
Principles of the New Order
The Expansion Decree

Imperial Navy Data

Updated Imperial Navy Data:

Imperial Fighters

Previous Imperial Navy Data:

Imperial Starships
Imperial Starfighters
Imperial Space Stations

Imperial Intelligence

Imperial Intelligence
Commission for the Preservation of the New Order